About Us

Just Pets

We are incorporated in 2008 but the love of pets and search for good things for our pets, who are like part of our family started many years way before.  

With our many years of experiences in dog showing, breedings, pet care from puppies, kittens, hamsters to their adulthood, we are able to share experiences and advices  from pet care, pet grooming, breeding to dog show handling.


Now with our Just Pets Store you can shop 24/7 online.   

All our products are the same online and in our retail stores at Batu Kawa and RH Plaza BDC. 

You can also shop in advance and pick up later at our retail stores.


On our webstore, we will also share our experiences in our Pet care section too.


Should you need our assistance on goods and services or for tips and advices, please feel free to whatsapp and we will be please to assist as much as possible

from 10am - 5pm

082-231879 (Batu Kawa Retail Store)

082-450196 (RH Plaza Retail Store)

012-8806663 (Rachel)


Quality is our Priority,